Holiday Greetings from Ivar Jacobson by Ivar Jacobson

Season's Greetings

Year after year I feel fortunate that we as a company can report so many new technology advances – advances which help our customers build better software, faster and with happier users and clients.  A number of new practices have been developed to help our customers scale agile beyond small teams to whole organizations.  Our practices for scaling agile and for setting up coaching communities have, with our experienced mentors, helped many organizations to not just become successful with small projects but changed organizations in their entirety.  Several case studies confirm these successes.

Most important in 2011 is our release of Use-Case 2.0.  After having refined the way we work with agile use cases over many years, we have now put together all our experience in an ebook.  Our customers have already used this around the world, China, UK, Sweden, US; but now we have streamlined it close to perfection.  Use-Case 2.0 supports backlog-driven development with Scrum or Kanban making it as lean as it can be.  Many of our colleagues and friends are awaiting this new release ready to start using it.

Lean development has been a long term goal for our company.  Our approach, starting lean with a kernel of the most essential elements in software engineering and staying lean as more detailed practices are added on top of the kernel, is getting wide acceptance in the world.  During 2012, we will see standards being adopted, the academic world embracing it, new tools being available, the industry getting some governance of their ways of working, and developers systematically growing their competence in software development.  Most importantly, success stories will speak for themselves: agile and lean will be achievable targets for every organization developing software.

Welcome to the future, but don't forget to enjoy the holidays.
--Ivar Jacobson