Contributor Bios

Ivar is being joined by several contributors who are all well known in the industry for helping improve software development.  This page includes their biographies.  

Dr. Ivar Jacobson, Founder and CEO - Ivar is a father of components and component architecture, use cases, aspect-oriented software development, modern business engineering, the Unified Modeling Language and the Rational Unified Process. He is the principal author of six influential and best-selling books.  He is a keynote speaker at several large conferences around the world.

Ian Spence, Chief Scientist and Principle Consultant - Ian specializes in the adoption of the Unified Process and the iter­ative, use-case driven approach that it recommends. He has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, including more than 10 years of experience in managing and participating in iterative projects. He is cur­rently involved in the development of the next generation of lightweight software development processes and is a co-author with Kurt Bittner of Use Case Modeling, published by Addison-Wesley in 2002.  

Pan-Wei Ng, Ph.D. – Pan-Wei plays multiple roles in Ivar Jacobson International (IJI). As a member of the IJI Technology Office, Pan-Wei defines best practices in architecture, use cases, iterative development, business modeling, active software, and aspects. He develops materials for some of these best practices and conducts research in other best practice areas. Pan-Wei also actively works on customer accounts to enable companies and project teams to adopt these best practices quickly and safely. These projects range from telecommunication and defense to business applications; from command and control systems to business applications, middleware messaging systems, and embedded systems; from in-house development to outsource development and product development. Pan-Wei works alongside practitioners and ensures that the best practices developed are both relevant and practical.  

Kurt Bittner, CTO Americas- Kurt has worked in the software industry for over 25 years in a variety of roles including developer, team leader, architect, project manager, and business leader. He has led agile projects, run a large division of a software development company, survived and thrived in several start-ups, run an acquisition, and worked with clients in a variety of industries including aerospace, finance, energy, and electronics. He was a key contributor to the early development of the Rational Unified Process as well as, more recently, IBM's Jazz project (see His experience includes significant work in Banking and Finance, relational database system design and architecting, and consulting and mentoring a wide variety of clients on software development improvement strategies and approaches. He is the co-author, with Ian Spence (Ivar Jacobson Consulting's Chief Scientist), of two books: Use-Case Modeling (2002) and Managing Iterative Software Development Projects (2006), as well as many articles, especially in the areas of improving requirements and software development management practices. He has particular interest in assisting organizations and development teams to be more effective in their software practices while not losing sight that developing software should be a fun though highly challenging activity.  

Robert Maksimchuk, Vice President Eastern Region Service Delivery - Bob brings an abundance of systems engineering and integration, modeling, and object-oriented analysis and design expertise to this mission. He has co-authored the books Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications (Third Edition), UML for Mere Mortals, UML for Database Design, and also has written various articles. 

Prior to joining Ivar Jacobson Consulting, as Director of Research at Unisys, Bob focused on identifying emerging modeling technologies and assessing their potential to address business and systems development issues faced by clients. He provided leadership in introducing such synergistic technologies to advance the strategic direction of the Unisys 3D-Visible Enterprise service delivery framework. Prior to Unisys, he was a UML thought leader at IBM Rational. He served in various strategic roles at IBM Rational such as Market Manager for Architecture and Design, Rational Rose Product Manager, and Senior UML Evangelist, where he traveled worldwide as a featured speaker in numerous technology forums and led workshops and seminars on UML and object-oriented (OO) development.  Earlier, Bob held various positions of increasing responsibility at GE / Lockheed Martin. He began as a Senior Programmer Analyst developing large, mission critical, real-time command and control software systems. Subsequently, he advanced to Senior Systems Engineer / Project Manager on very large systems integration projects. Bob then specialized in object technology and served as a Senior Object-Oriented Technology Engineer, where he consulted and mentored externally and internally across the company. Bob has also worked in the financial industry as a Systems Architect where he provided system architecture, UML, and OO expertise and mentoring to numerous development projects. In the industrial process control industry, he developed real-time industrial control software. He began his career at GE Aerospace as an electrical engineer designing satellite power control systems hardware, during which time he introduced hardware modeling and simulation techniques.