New York by Ivar Jacobson

October 9, 2003

This week has been hectic, arrived Monday to New York from Copenhagen. In the limo to the hotel, I called Agneta – CEO of Jaczone. She had arrived a day earlier and was at the hotel. She told me that her luggage hadn’t arrived yet and that she needed to go out shopping. OK, see you for dinner. I was looking forward to a couple of hours of work in the hotel room, happily knowing that I had my luggage in the car. When I got into my hotel room, the first thing I always do is to hang my clothes in the closet. I open my bag and stare into it in surprise. I had my luggage but it was EMPTY – apart from shoes and underwear!!! I had forgotten to put the hanger with suits, shirts, pants, into my bag. All of it was left in Copenhagen at the Marriott hotel. Thus I had to call Agneta and tell her – I also have to go shopping. See you at Saks.

Tuesday night, the Swedish Consul Olle Wastberg had arranged an investor seminar in his private residence on Park Avenue. Five companies presented their visions for the future. Mike Romach, IBM Rational, gave the Rational perspective. Jaczone was represented by Agneta and me. I outlined our vision that the software industry will move to a new era of software, from passive software to active software. I said bravely that the last time we saw a similar paradigm shift was when the automation industry moved from electromechanical technology to software. And that was less than 50 years ago.

Agneta introduced WayPointer as an example of this vision, and she also told the audience that Jaczone was looking for people in New York. She got a lot of attention from investors as well as a few applications directly after the seminar!

Wednesday, after a full day of customer meetings, we left for Ottawa, Canada. Thursday, Rational had arranged a seminar on the Future of Process. I talked about my Four Macro Trends and Agneta about Making Software Process Active and she gave a demo of WayPointer. Afterwards we had a Q & A session. Almost all questions were for Agneta. It is amazing how excited people become about Jaczone’s technology. Well, it is for very good reasons.

Now, I am on my way to San Francisco after a day of customer meetings in Toronto. The week has been very good. With a glass of champagne in my hand, I reflect over some problems the software industry is facing.

It has taken many years for outsourcing of software development to really happen. Now it is happening at a galloping speed. Every larger software organization is on its way to the Far East, in particular to India. I expected this to happen many years ago. I have been in India many times over the last five years. Well, now it is happening. When I listen to CIO’s from Europe as well as USA, I think this can very well become a bubble that burst. Many companies outsource the work in a completely thoughtless way. Some of them view the Indian developers as code chimpanzees. The architecture work and the design work will continue to be done in the West, but the coding and testing will be outsourced. And they do other similar wrong-doings.

We will need to help them. First, they need a good process to develop software with a team that is located cross the world. We have one – it is the Rational Unified Process. They need tools of course. Rose and XDE are capable of supporting distributed teams. However, to train the people in RUP and in the tools, they will need a mentor. The only reasonable way to provide these mentors is by providing them with a tool like WayPointer. This is a great subject for a book!

Not a single boring moment in front of me. Please, give me another glass of champagne.