We Care!

We Care!How many people know that approximately 40% of the cost of a truck are software costs or that it takes millions of lines of code to develop a mobile phone? The answer is unfortunately, very few. People do not view these things as software products! Software exists in so many things that we touch on a daily basis, but it is hidden under the shells of pacemakers, cars, etc., and the amount of software included in a “normal” product, grows every second.

Is the fact that it is hidden, the reason why so many software projects fail or run over time and budget? Do decision makers realize how much money could be saved if they just cared a little more?

Well, we care! We know that project deadlines can be met, that project budgets can be kept and that the customer can receive what they expected. You just have to be smart and care a little more. Ivar Jacobson International supports an organization called Swedsoft (www.swedsoft.se) whose primary goal is to care about the software industry, the hidden software industry.

Do you care?

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  1. Jacob & Eric | February 22, 2010 at 7:02 pm Reply


    The truck fact is really interested. Working in web development, I knew about the part for phones and etc, but had no idea for trucks.

    Interesting read. Thank you.